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Kinect Hacking 105: Full Resolution, Public Domain Images of the Speckle Pattern.

On the OpenKinect Google Group, Zsolt Ero asked the following: Zsolt Ero Nov 18 02:28PM Can someone actually count the x and y resolution of the emitted image? If someone could take a really high resolution IR photograph, it would … Continue reading

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Kinect Hacking 104: Is the Kinect IR Projector Modulated or Synced?

Some people have been wondering if the IR projector is somehow synced to the camera that does 3D estimation. Short answer: No. Long answer: The easiest way to visualize a modulated signal is to use an oscilloscope. I got out … Continue reading

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Kinect Hacking 103: Looking at Kinect IR Patterns.

So, I’m in the middle of reading every paper and patent related to Kinect, but in the meantime, I want to do something fun. Let’s look at the Kinect projector output. The Kinect projector uses speckle to create this dot … Continue reading

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Kinect Hacking 102: Foot-Pedal Operated Camera.

While hacking on the Kinect sensor, I became frustrated with taking pictures for tutorials. Most of the things I want to take pictures of involve me using my hands, which means that my hands are not free to take pictures. … Continue reading

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Kinect Hacking 101: Hack a Powershot A540 for Infrared Sensitivity.

Microsoft’s new Kinect sensor is garnering a lot of attention from the hacking community, but the technical specifics of how it works still aren’t clear. I am working to understand the technology at a fundamental level – my interest is … Continue reading

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