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Wishlist for Photography: Ramesh Raskar.

Ramesh Raskar presents his “Wishlist for Photography” at 6sight. Hard to imagine a better way to end this year that to spend an hour dreaming about the future of photographic capture.

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Structured Light 3D Scanning Instructable online.

Kyle McDonald has created an Instructable showing how to achieve structured light 3D scanning at home. This technique originated in computer vision literature. The basic idea is that by projecting a known pattern on a surface, it is possible to … Continue reading

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Hey all, thanks for visiting. We’re a bit unprepared for all the traffic and attention. Sorry if things are a mess or not explained clearly enough! Here’s the executive summary: There’s a new field of research happening right now. It’s … Continue reading

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A Future Picture Tutorial, Parts 1 and 2.

Matti and I just published two tutorials on Instructables. The first introduces the field of Computational Photography, and motivates the project. The second shows you how to simulate our Large Light Field Camera Array with a single camera . Enjoi.

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FuturePicture: The Large Light Field Camera Array, Part 1.

FuturePicture is about the future of photography. It is about cameras with capabilities that sound like science fiction, and look like a million bucks. So you want to influence the future of photography? Well, you gotta build a camera, ’cause … Continue reading

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P.P. Sokolov’s Historical Work on Light Field Photography/Integral Imaging.

Futurepicture is proud to present its first contribution to the field of Computational Photography: The translation of Sokolov’s seminal “Autostereoscopy and Integral Photography by Professor Lippman’s Method“. In 1908, Nobel Prize laureate Gabriel Lippmann proposed a new kind of camera … Continue reading

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