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Casio EX-FH100 and EX-F1 Shutter Release/Video/USB Pinout

I love the Casio EX-FH100. I hate proprietary bullshit. It’s tremendously aggravating when a manufacturer arbitrarily makes up a new connector — especially when we have perfectly good standard connectors already. Proprietary bullshit stokes my rebel spirit, makes me fighty, … Continue reading

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Kinect Hacking 102: Foot-Pedal Operated Camera.

While hacking on the Kinect sensor, I became frustrated with taking pictures for tutorials. Most of the things I want to take pictures of involve me using my hands, which means that my hands are not free to take pictures. … Continue reading

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Kinect Hacking 101: Hack a Powershot A540 for Infrared Sensitivity.

Microsoft’s new Kinect sensor is garnering a lot of attention from the hacking community, but the technical specifics of how it works still aren’t clear. I am working to understand the technology at a fundamental level – my interest is … Continue reading

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A Future Picture Tutorial, Parts 1 and 2.

Matti and I just published two tutorials on Instructables. The first introduces the field of Computational Photography, and motivates the project. The second shows you how to simulate our Large Light Field Camera Array with a single camera . Enjoi.

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Feynman: The Tremendous Mess.

Generally, “camera” refers to an optical picture-taker. But “cameras” need not be limited to what we can see.

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A Box With A Hole In It.

In a hundred fifty years, the photographic apparatus has barely changed shape. The camera remains a box with a hole in it. But this box has been busy. Nearly every surface, every display, every inch of public space is covered … Continue reading

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