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Note on comments.

About six months ago, we were hit with a serious rash of spam and had over 20,000 comments posted in the span of about two weeks. Unfortunately, at that time, we had no spam moderation tools installed in our blogging … Continue reading

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Casio EX-FH100 and EX-F1 Shutter Release/Video/USB Pinout

I love the Casio EX-FH100. I hate proprietary bullshit. It’s tremendously aggravating when a manufacturer arbitrarily makes up a new connector — especially when we have perfectly good standard connectors already. Proprietary bullshit stokes my rebel spirit, makes me fighty, … Continue reading

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Kinect Hacking 105: Full Resolution, Public Domain Images of the Speckle Pattern.

On the OpenKinect Google Group, Zsolt Ero asked the following: Zsolt Ero Nov 18 02:28PM Can someone actually count the x and y resolution of the emitted image? If someone could take a really high resolution IR photograph, it would … Continue reading

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Kinect Hacking 104: Is the Kinect IR Projector Modulated or Synced?

Some people have been wondering if the IR projector is somehow synced to the camera that does 3D estimation. Short answer: No. Long answer: The easiest way to visualize a modulated signal is to use an oscilloscope. I got out … Continue reading

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Kinect Hacking 103: Looking at Kinect IR Patterns.

So, I’m in the middle of reading every paper and patent related to Kinect, but in the meantime, I want to do something fun. Let’s look at the Kinect projector output. The Kinect projector uses speckle to create this dot … Continue reading

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Kinect Hacking 102: Foot-Pedal Operated Camera.

While hacking on the Kinect sensor, I became frustrated with taking pictures for tutorials. Most of the things I want to take pictures of involve me using my hands, which means that my hands are not free to take pictures. … Continue reading

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Kinect Hacking 101: Hack a Powershot A540 for Infrared Sensitivity.

Microsoft’s new Kinect sensor is garnering a lot of attention from the hacking community, but the technical specifics of how it works still aren’t clear. I am working to understand the technology at a fundamental level – my interest is … Continue reading

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Fresh Array Output.

This is what happens when you blend 64 images instead of 12: a much better looking composite. Sorry for the silence — things will be picking up shortly.

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Gifts For The New Year.

Matti has a new version of LFManip up. This one doesn’t rely so heavily on the images being evenly spaced — it uses the SURF library from OpenCV to calculate the distance between photos. Later, we’ll extend it to tougher … Continue reading

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Wishlist for Photography: Ramesh Raskar.

Ramesh Raskar presents his “Wishlist for Photography” at 6sight. Hard to imagine a better way to end this year that to spend an hour dreaming about the future of photographic capture.

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